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    Suitable for baby under 36 months Stroller weight : 7.70kgs Available colors: blue & red Learn More



    Product Weight: 9.50 kgs Suitable for 0 – 36 months Infinite backrest adjustment Footrest adjustable 5 point harness Available colors: blue-black & pink-red Learn More

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  3. GOODBABY D829J2


    Could be folded with handle in both forward and reserved position Lightweight aluminum frame One hand folding system Full Canopy Infinite backrest adjustment Reversible and adjustable handle Compact and self-standing when folded 5-point harness system With large shopping basket Removable front bar Stroller weight: 4.90kgs Learn More

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  4. BabyOne Car Booster Seat

    BabyOne Car Booster Seat

    Comfortable and bigger sitting pad Use for children’s weighting from 22 – 36kg Available colors: Green, Yellow, Red & Blue Learn More

  5. Bonbebe Boxter Stroller - 2014 Series

    Bonbebe Boxter Stroller - 2014 Series

    New improvised with linked brakes Stylish sturdy frame to give an elegant look Flexible roll up panel at side for better ventilation or roll it down to block away sun rays Lightweight, practical stroller, ideal for travel & quick trips Soft & ventilated seat cushion, design to give your child the comfort Includes shoulder pat and hugger Carry handle 4 position seat with simple hand recline Adjustable leg rest 3 layer large canopy & large basket Folds compactly with auto lock 5 points safety belt for additional safety European design with EN safety standard Suitable from birth up maximum weight of 25 kgs Available colors: Purple & Khaki Learn More

  6. Bonbebe Junior Booster Car Seat

    Bonbebe Junior Booster Car Seat

    Use for child between 22-36 kgs Compact Booster seat with arm rest Comfortable & bigger sitting space Light weight & portable Removable & washable cushion Bright colours Seat belt adjuster strap (shoulder seat belt clip)help position vehicle belt away from child's neck Conforms to ECE: R44/04 safety Colours: Green & Purple Learn More

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  7. Mamalove Twin Stroller

    Mamalove Twin Stroller

    Net Weight: 12.30kgs The front seat of stroller are suitable for children aged from 6 months to 3 years, not exceed 15kgs The rear seats of stroller are suitable for children aged from 0 months to 3 years, not exceed 15kgs Available Colors: Light Turquoise & Purplish Pink Learn More

  8. Goodbaby D869

    Goodbaby D869

    The Front and Rear wheels can be locked according to the push way Lightweight aluminium frame One-hand folding system Full canopy Infinite backrest adjustment Reversible& heigh adjustable handle Compact and self-standing when folded 5-point harness system With large shopping basket Stroller Weight: 6.40kgs Learn More

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  9. Goodbaby JS830128 (Light)

    Goodbaby JS830128 (Light)

    Stroller Weight: 4.10kgs Suitable for baby from 1 to 36 months Infinite backrest Reversible Handle Handle Adjustable Full Canopy A higher than normal seating position raises the baby above ground-based allergens and offers a better view Learn More

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  10. AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

    AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

    This AIAN is Korea's latest technology for sterilising and it is the first bottle steriliser to receive local government S-mark certification, which makes this product trustworthy when compared to similar products. This product is widely used in Korea hospitals for equipment sterilisation as well. An eco-friendly design, various features and excellent interior effect give this AIAN bottle steriliser great value for your child's safety and maintain hygiene at its best.

    - UV Lamp: UV sterilisation lamp provides sterilising power that's more than 64 times stronger than the sun's rays. It also emits an abundant amount of UVC wavelength of 253.7nm, which has the highest amount of sterilising power. UV sterilisation is very effective against bacteria, including viruses and fungi. Sterilisation is 99.9% effective against virus and mold.

    - Infrared heater: The infrared heater uses the most beneficial light wavelength, like the ones used in health care treatment. The light spreads through the entire area removing odours and purifying the air for maximum sterilising effect.

    - Diffused reflection construction: Manufactured using polished stainless steel and a hexagonal structure to create maximum effective sterilisation and disinfection.

    - One button operation: Disinfect, sterilize and dry all at once. 20-minute process and a 30-second cool down time.

    - Air Filter: Provides clean air circulation.

    - Audio Alert: Touch the button and a voice alerts the process beginning and end.

    - Multiple Applications: The product does not only sterilise bottles but other items such as kitchen utensils, beauty tools, etc. Unlike other sterilisers, items can be placed in any way and still achieve maximum results in the AIAN bottle steriliser. UV rays and an infrared heater combine to effectively sterilise, disinfect and dry products.

    - Specifications Dimensions: 320mm x 400mm x 345mm (W x H x D)
    - Internal Dimensions: 245mm x 263mm x 270mm (W x H x D)
    - Weight: 5.6kg
    - Voltage & Frequency: 220V, 60HZ
    - Rated Power consumption: 150W Drying Method/Sterilisation Methods: Infrared heaters/UV Lamp
    - Usage Tip: Remove the middle shelf to accommodate larger items

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