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From newborns bottle feedings to starting of solids, we provide all the necessary accessories such as bottles, utensils, food processors, steamers, sterilisers and more!

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  1. AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

    AIAN Bottle Sterilizer

    This AIAN is Korea's latest technology for sterilising and it is the first bottle steriliser to receive local government S-mark certification, which makes this product trustworthy when compared to similar products. This product is widely used in Korea hospitals for equipment sterilisation as well. An eco-friendly design, various features and excellent interior effect give this AIAN bottle steriliser great value for your child's safety and maintain hygiene at its best.

    - UV Lamp: UV sterilisation lamp provides sterilising power that's more than 64 times stronger than the sun's rays. It also emits an abundant amount of UVC wavelength of 253.7nm, which has the highest amount of sterilising power. UV sterilisation is very effective against bacteria, including viruses and fungi. Sterilisation is 99.9% effective against virus and mold.

    - Infrared heater: The infrared heater uses the most beneficial light wavelength, like the ones used in health care treatment. The light spreads through the entire area removing odours and purifying the air for maximum sterilising effect.

    - Diffused reflection construction: Manufactured using polished stainless steel and a hexagonal structure to create maximum effective sterilisation and disinfection.

    - One button operation: Disinfect, sterilize and dry all at once. 20-minute process and a 30-second cool down time.

    - Air Filter: Provides clean air circulation.

    - Audio Alert: Touch the button and a voice alerts the process beginning and end.

    - Multiple Applications: The product does not only sterilise bottles but other items such as kitchen utensils, beauty tools, etc. Unlike other sterilisers, items can be placed in any way and still achieve maximum results in the AIAN bottle steriliser. UV rays and an infrared heater combine to effectively sterilise, disinfect and dry products.

    - Specifications Dimensions: 320mm x 400mm x 345mm (W x H x D)
    - Internal Dimensions: 245mm x 263mm x 270mm (W x H x D)
    - Weight: 5.6kg
    - Voltage & Frequency: 220V, 60HZ
    - Rated Power consumption: 150W Drying Method/Sterilisation Methods: Infrared heaters/UV Lamp
    - Usage Tip: Remove the middle shelf to accommodate larger items

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  2. BEABA Babycook Original

    BEABA Babycook Original


    Beaba Babycook Original is an award-winning trendy designed creation that enhances food preparation with its multi-function system

    Features: Steam, cook, blend, defrost and reheat baby food 4 functions: steams, blends, defrosts, re-heats.

    Easy to clean. Preserves vitamins. Recipe and menu booklet for babies aged 6-24 months.

    Large capacity of 800 ml.

    Spatula for removing the basket and scraping out the bowl.

    Improved cooking performance.

    Quick, less than 15 minutes.

    Patented system. Cable storage.

    Available colours: Gipsy & Pastel Blue


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  3. BEABA Babycook Solo

    BEABA Babycook Solo

    A well known French made creative multi function product with its special one hand operation Easy Clip System making cooking so much easier than before! 4-in-1 blender: steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. Large 1,100 ml bowl Fast and unsupervised cooking in 15 mins. Switches off automatically at the end of cooking. Preserves tastes and vitamins. Possibility of collecting cooking juices (rich in vitamins and minerals) to modulate the texture of the preparation. Ultra compact. Easy to clean (a bowl, a steam basket and a blade) Small Recipe booklet included. Specifications: Material bowl: Copolyester Material tank: Stainless steel Dimensions: (L x w x h): 240 x 185 x 240 mm Cleaning bowl/blade: Wash by hand or dishwasher. Descaling: half water/half white vinegar or Babycook descaler Large bowl (1,100 ml) Cyclone effect blade for tailored mixing. (smooth, purée, chunks) Just one hand needed thanks to the Easy Clip system, One single control button. (cooking - blending) Cycle counter with descaling indicator Integrated spatula at the back for removing the steam basket and empty the food into the bowl Blending/smoothie filter lid Available colours: Gipsy, Pastel Blue & Red Learn More

  4. BEABA Bib'bain Marie Bottle Warmer

    BEABA Bib'bain Marie Bottle Warmer

    Features 3 functions: warms bottles, warms jars and keeps food warm Works on the mains or on a car cigarette lighter when on the move Supplied with jar tongs and car cigarette lighter adapter Characteristics: Accessories: Integrated cable and car cigarette lighter case Compatible with all bottles and jars with a diameter of less than 7.4 cm Available colours: Gipsy / Pastel Blue Learn More

  5. BEABA Bib'Secondes - Baby bottle warmer in 2 mn 30

    BEABA Bib'Secondes - Baby bottle warmer in 2 mn 30

    Features: Steam bottle/jar warmer Heating time: 2 minutes Simple and precise dual electronic programming according to the initial temperature or the quantity to be heated Characteristics: Tank Cleaning: Regular descaling with the BEABA cleaning product Compatible with all bottles and jars with a diameter of less than 7 cm Available colours: Gipsy & Pastel Blue Learn More

  6. BEABA Bib'Secondes Control 3-in-1 Bottle Warmer

    BEABA Bib'Secondes Control 3-in-1 Bottle Warmer

    3-in-1 bottle warmer (bottle/jar warmer/defrosting/Sterilisation) Controls the temperature at the centre of the bottle/jar Ultra fast heating time 60 seconds Choice of temperature: room or body temperature Easy to use with just one hand Automatic switch-off (sound and light signal) Characteristics: Tank Cleaning: Regular descaling with the BEABA cleaning product Compatible with all bottles (glass/plastic/silicone) and jars with a diameter of less than 7.8 cm Accessories: Supplied with a dummy sterilisation basket 1- Heat-sensitive probe for precise temperature control in the centre of the bottle/jar. 2- Just one button for selecting programmes and heating temperature. Bottle warmer 3-Jar warmer/defroster 4-Sterilisation (bottles/dummies Available colours: Gipsy & Pastel Blue Learn More

  7. BEABA Steril'Express: 2 in 1 steam steriliser

    BEABA Steril'Express: 2 in 1 steam steriliser

    Features Fast: Sterilises in 6 minutes. Effective: Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (salmonella, enterobacteria, listeria) Practical: Switches off automatically Suitable for all specific needs: 1/ Large capacity Maxi mode: up to 9 narrow-necked bottles and 6 wide-necked bottles 2/ Compact Mini mode: Ideal for small accessories measurement cup and bottle tongs Compatible with all feeding bottles Available colours: Gipsy & Pastel Blue Learn More

  8. PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer

    PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer

    Features Sterilize nursing bottles and accessories in fast and effective way Large capacity accommodating up to 9 slim-neck or 7 wide-neck nursing bottles Fast sterilization cycle of 6 minutes Microbiologically proven to kill harmful bacteria Auto switch-off upon completion of sterilization cycle Content remains sterile for up to 6 hours when lid remains closed Comes with heat-resistant tongs and measuring cups for greater convenience Specification Accessories : Water measuring cup / tongs Material : Lid / main body / accessory tray / bottle tray - Polypropylene Heating plate - Stainless steel Learn More

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